Coronavirus / COVID-19 Addendums Policy 

The health and safety of children, families and our staff team at Moose club is our absolute priority. 
In further opening our club, we have put stringent procedures in place to ensure the health and safety of children and staff, and have followed all local and government guidance to help us to do this. 
We have completed a comprehensive Risk Assessment approved by the Local Authority, which has been informed and shared with all staff members. Please contact Sam, the play manager if you would like to see a copy of our risk assessment.  
This policy covers any changes to our Policies and procedures. We ask that all parents, carers, staff (and children) comply with the procedures set out in this policy and our risk assessment in order to ensure the health and safety of children, families and our staff team. 
What is Coronavirus (COVID-19) 
COVID-19 is a viral infection similar to flu, spread from person to person by close contact. It typically causes fever and a dry cough, and in some cases may progress to viral pneumonia which cannot be treated by antibiotics. Symptoms of COVID-19 can include: 
A new continuous cough. 
A high temperature. 
A loss of, or change in, your normal sense of taste or smell (anosmia) 
Anyone exhibiting the symptoms above will not be allowed entry into the building.  
If a child or adult becomes unwell during the session 
Any child who becomes ill with symptoms which could be COVID-19 while at the Club will be isolated from the other children by at least two metres until the child can be collected by their parent or carer.  
If a staff member becomes unwell they must return home immediately. 
The Club will remain open unless otherwise advised by the local health authority.  
If staff or children have symptoms of COVID-19 however mild, they must self-isolate for at least 10 days from when the symptoms started. They will arrange to have a test to see if they have COVID-19. They must not return to Moose until their period of self-isolation has been completed. 
If a child, (young person or staff member tests negative) but is unwell, they should not return to Moose until they are recovered. 
What happens if there is a confirmed case of coronavirus (COVID-19) at Moose?  
Where a child, (young person or staff member tests positive), we will act on the advice of the NHS Test and Trace and our local Health Protection team. We will also inform Ofsted of the confirmed case.  
A daily record of children attending Moose will be kept in order to assist the NHS test and trace. This record will be kept for 21 days as by following government guidance.
From term 6 we will welcome back children to afterschool club at Moose. From Term 1 2021, September/October, we will increase our capacity and cater for children from Reception Year to Year 6.To avoid disappointment please book early. 

Arrivals and Departure  
During Holiday club and Afterschool club, Parents and carers must drop off and collect their child at the blue gated entrance on St Johns Lane for Victoria Park School , between the traffic lights outside the school and Raymend road, observing social distancing of 2 meters. Collection of your child/children will require a call to the Moose phone ; 07305083381 where we will then bring your child/children to the gate. Please adhere to the social distancing recommendations. Parents and carers will not be allowed into the building during this time.  This link has been added for ease to our specific location.

Upon entry to the building everyone must use antibacterial hand gel available at the hand sanitizing station at the entrance point. When dispensing hand sanitizer for young children we will use a pea sized amount under supervision.  
Groups – how will they work and what will they look like? 
Moose will no longer implement groups/bubbles following the latest government guidance. However, we will still adhere to our Covid Risk Assessment and Covid Policy to ensure that we are still delivering a safe environment whilst reducing the risk of spreading the Coronavirus by keeping our covid protective measures in place.
During after School club we will operate from 2 rooms within the school premises. We will use our outdoor area as much as possible. 
Please note, the Government guidance also recommends that parents and carers should be encouraged to limit the number of settings their child attends. 
Activities and resources 
We have adapted our activities to increase social distancing as much possible but also ensuring children can still have as much fun, as well as reducing the need to share equipment. Hand washing/sanitizer will be promoted before and after each activity and resources will be cleaned at the end of each day.  
Supporting children’s wellbeing 
We will ensure that help is available for children and we will provide opportunities for children to talk about any worries that they may have so that we can support them.  
We please ask that children do not bring additional items to the club during this time. Children’s belongings including their coat & lunch will be kept on their own chair and lunchboxes in large containers within their group.  
We will limit the number of children who use toilet facilities at one time to ensure that toilets do not become crowded. Toilets will be cleaned frequently in line with our cleaning protective measures.   
Sun cream 
Please ensure that children have applied sun cream before attending the session. Where a top up is needed we will supervise the application of the sun cream in line with our social distancing protective measures. 
Child protection and safeguarding  
We will take the appropriate steps to deputise the responsibilities of key members of staff such as the designated safeguarding lead and arrange cover if warranted.  
Where children do not attend the provision as expected, as with normal practice, we will follow up the absence with the parent or carer and where appropriate we will explore reasons for the absence.  
Staff will identify and support any vulnerable children, parents and carers that return to Moose and signpost them to the appropriate local services in Bristol.  
Trips and outings  
At this time, to ensure the health and safety of staff and children trips and outings will not take place.  
Bookings can be made via our online system iPAL here:
Once registered, you can book onto After School or Holiday Club using our online system iPAL. Details of the Clubs will be automatically emailed to you once they are open for bookings.  
After School Club/Holiday Club fees are paid in advance, you will be automatically invoiced from iPAL . You will need to make an initial payment to ensure your places are secure. Logon to your iPAL account and top up your wallet to cover the deficit and credit for future payments. 
Payment Options:  We accept a variety of payment options, for more information on how to pay, please get in touch with the Play Manager, Sam.  
Our Cancellation Policy is 14 days notice for a change or cancellation. If notice is given in less than 14 days, the full fees for that session will still be payable. 
Our Refund policy remains the same. For sessions you cancel within the cancellation policy window, your account will be updated via iPAL automatically adding the credit to your wallet to be used for future sessions. 
First aid 
If physical contact is likely we will wear the correct PPE including disposable gloves, apron and mask.  
We have available full PPE which we will use to support a child if they start to display Covid-19 symptoms and need to be isolated in a separate place before they are collected by a parent or carer.  
Food and Drink 
Children will be able to bring in a marked/named water bottle which can be re-filled during the session. Snack will be provided during the After School Club and Holiday Scheme although we will implement a new system of serving, removing the lining up procedure that was in place previously with children remaining seated and staff serving the children at the tables provided. 
Staff members will serve their groups of children that they have been allocated to, minimising contact, and snack/lunch times will be staggered.  
Infection prevention and control measures 
Like the common cold and other flu viruses, COVID-19 is spread by:
. Infected people passing the virus to others through large droplets when coughing, sneezing, or even talking within a close distance.
. Direct contact with an infected person: for example, if you shake or hold their hand, and then touch your own mouth, eyes or nose without first washing your hands.
. Touching objects (eg door handles, light switches) that have previously been touched by an infected person, then touching your own mouth, eyes or nose without first washing your hands.
.We will limit the risk of catching or spreading COVID-19 at the Club by implementing a range of protective measures: 
. Regular hand washing by staff and children
. Minimising touching our faces, such as our mouth/nose
. Covering nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing; using a tissue when possible, and disposing of the tissue promptly and carefully and promoting the  catch it, bin it, kill it approach
. Regularly cleaning surfaces and removing soft furnishings where possible. Cleaning before and after sessions and cleaning equipment during the sessions if possible.
. Instructing staff and children to remain at home if they display any relevant symptoms, or sending them home if they first display symptoms while at work
. Display posters and information to promote infection control
. Ensure that adequate supplies of cleaning materials are available within the Club
. Dispose of waste promptly and hygienically
. Provide tissues and suitable facilities for their disposal
. Implement social distaining 
. Implement small, consistent groups of children 
. Keep the space ventilated as much as possible
. Providing hand sanitiser in multiple locations
The Club will have to close if advised to do so by the local authority in the interest of safeguarding the children and staff.  
In the event of closure, the manager will notify parents or carers as soon as possible.  
In preparation for dealing with COVID-19, the Club will ensure that all contact details for staff, children and parents are up to date. 
We will prepare letters of notification for parents, carers and staff, so that they can be distributed immediately if an outbreak occurs. 
The Club will regularly update its information regarding COVID-19, by checking the latest guidance from Public Health England and the local authority and will inform parents and staff of any changes to our procedures.