Policies & Procedures

Behaviour Policy

We have a policy of encouraging good behaviour and providing children with positive role models. We would like our scheme to be a place where the children respect the staff and respect each other.

Minor Disturbances will be dealt with on the spot by Playworkers.

More Serious Trouble will be noted in the Discipline Book and parents will be informed when they collect their children.

Extreme Behaviour will result in parents being contacted immediately and asked to collect their child as soon as possible. This is an emergency procedure that will be used as a last measure. For more details, ask for a copy of our full Behaviour Policy.

Complaints Procedure

We hope that parents will be happy with the level of service we are trying to provide. If there are any problems we would prefer it if they could be dealt with informally by talking with the staff. If you wish to take an issue further, we have a formal complaints procedure where you can speak to a committee representative. You also have the option of speaking to BAND or OFSTED. You do not have to discuss complaints with a playworker if you do not wish to. Ask staff for the name and phone number of a committee member, or a BAND or OFSTED contact.

For more details, ask for a copy of our full Behaviour Policy.

Child Protection Policy

We consider it our duty to protect the children at our scheme from abuse. We have a clear procedure describing how we deal with suspected abuse. We recognise that if abuse is taking place, it is often not the parents but other family members or friends who are to blame. Parents are often the last to know. Except under exceptional circumstances, any suspicions are first discussed with the parents.

Confidentiality is crucial to all our relationships, but the welfare of the child is paramount. Ask for a copy of our full Child Protection Policy for more details. If you want to discuss this directly with a member of the Management Committee by leaving your details with mooseplayscheme@hotmail.co.uk or by calling 07305083381.

Equal Opportunities Policy

We are committed to making our activities open and inclusive for everyone. Our equal opportunities policy states that we will not discriminate on the basis of age, gender, sexuality, family status, means, disability, colour, ethnic origin, culture, religion or belief when recruiting staff or admitting children to the scheme. We aim to provide activities that are suitable for all children of all needs and abilities. See our full policy for more details. Copies of the full versions of these policies and procedures are available on request. Just speak to the Playleader for more information. Other policies also available are: Health & Safety Policy; Asthma Policy; Staff Disciplinary Procedure; Recruitment Procedure.